On the summer solstice of 2008, Cairn was born in the first melodies of 'Solstiseraph'. Composing for a debut record continued apace through the winter, and though many of the songs and the band itself went unnamed until spring, a unifying lyrical narrative quickly emerged.

The intent of the name Cairn is twofold: first, to pay homage to the literal and spiritual Old World from which the word comes; second, to declare the band's ideological intent. Combining elements of European folk, progressive, and doom, Cairn is elegiac metal neither restrained nor defined by a single genre. 'Raise the Cairn', the project's debut EP, is a concept album that draws its core inspiration from the ocean and wild, the sagas, and natural apotheoses.

'Raise the Cairn', was recorded at Holographic Recording Studio, from May 2009 to January of 2010. It contains five tracks, three full-length songs, and twenty-four minutes of music. A limited run of hand-numbered CDs have been printed and are available for $5 + shipping. For purchase inquiries, contact the band at the link below. A digital version of the record is available through Bandcamp.

'Raise the Cairn' was released on June 21, 2011 - three years to the day after it was begun.

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